We Help Not-For-Profit, Industrial and Real Estate Organizations Obtain Cost Effective Financing and Undertake Capital Projects

ThinkForward Financial (TFF) offers a broad range of financing solutions and advisory services including analyzing, structuring and placing financings for capital projects for not-for-profit organizations, industrial companies and real estate developers and owners. In addition, TFF navigates the various tax incentive programs geared toward purchasing real estate, constructing or renovating facilities, and acquiring new equipment which results in making capital projects more affordable to the borrowers. Our goal is to bring all the financing and tax incentive options available to reduce project costs for our clients.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Economic Development Financing
  • Tax Credits and Incentives
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Real Estate Development Advising

Innovative Economic Development Financing Solutions

We develop and execute individualized financing plans to meet the specific needs of organizations, whether they are expanding, relocating or refinancing existing debt. We specialize in tax-exempt bond financing, SBA loans, real estate finance, EB-5 financing, New Markets Tax Credits and economic development incentives.

The TFF team has helped hundreds of companies undertake capital expansion projects and reduce operating costs. We provide expertise for a wide variety of financing structures and programs for organizations of all types. We analyze all of the financing, tax and economic development program options available for your project and guide you through the application, approval and placement process.

Our experienced advisors maintain strong relationships with various lenders and investors in the bond markets, commercial banking sector, and governmental agencies. Our credit analysts provide strong analytical and modeling skills. The TFF team prepares the marketing and offering documents and places and closes the financing transaction.

In order to ensure that all client objectives are fulfilled, TFF provides a wide range of financing solutions and clear direction, recommendations and implementation of the following:

  • Tax-Exempt and Taxable Bonds
  • Credit-Enhanced Fixed and Variable Rate Demand Bonds
  • Unrated Bond Private Placements
  • Economic Development Incentive Programs and Grants
  • New Markets Tax Credits
  • EB-5 Immigrant Investors Financing
  • Federal and State Historic Tax Credits
  • SBA Loans
  • Traditional Bank Financing Products
  • Real Estate Loans from Insurance Companies and Non-Bank Lenders
  • Community Development and Bridge Loans from Not-For-Profit Lenders and Foundations

Accessing Tax Credits and Incentives

TFF helps businesses identify tax credits and other financial assistance programs; project the value of those benefits to your business; and ensure those savings are realized. TFF also assists larger projects in accessing discretionary tax incentives through the New York City Industrial Development Agency and New Jersey Economic Development Authority to reduce or defer transaction and operating costs.

Real Estate Finance Services

In addition to accessing various economic development funding solutions, we can assist in identifying taxable real estate financing options which may include real estate loans from commercial banks, insurance companies, bridge loans, loans from specialty lenders and foundations, and the EB-5 funding program. We prepare a comparative analysis of these different programs, identify the benefits of each option and negotiate a terms on your behalf.

Real Estate Development Advising

TFF can also advise on projects in their early stages of development including initial feasibility, development alternatives, required approvals and consultant selection.