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Economic Development Consulting

Funding Solutions

Grants, Incentives, Government Programs


We leverage tax credits, grants, and financing programs to reduce capital project costs and your ongoing operational expenses.

  • Local Industrial Development

    Grants for Capital Projects
    Reduction of Property Taxes
    Mortgage Recording Tax Waiver
    Exemption of Sales Tax on Construction Materials

  • State Economic Development

    Tax Credits for Job Retention and Growth
    Grants for Capital Projects
    Low Cost Loans
    Research & Development Tax Credits

  • Energy Programs

    Energy Cost Savings Program
    Energy Efficiency Programs
    Lower Cost Power Supply
    Solar Programs

  • Industry Specific

    Life Sciences Initiative
    Fresh Foods in Low Income Areas
    Industrial Space Development
    Office Space Development


“The ThinkForward team expertly guided us through every stage of the planning and execution of our new advanced manufacturing plant, from the acquisition of the property to construction and equipment.”

$500M Raised in Incentives for Small & Local Businesses

ThinkForward’s work has translated into significant reductions in financing and operating costs for our clients. This has enabled numerous, community-based organizations to prosper and grow. We can help you navigate economic development tax equity and incentive programs for new acquisitions and for the rehabilitation of existing project facilities.

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