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Main Street Lending Program (MSLP) Revised Guidelines

Learn how the Main Street Lending Programs can serve as a funding source for your operating expenses during the 2020 pandemic. Download our Program Overview.

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How to Build Liquidity in Uncertain Times like COVID-19

Learn what funding sources for operating expenses are available to nonprofits and businesses during the 2020 pandemic.


Bronx Opportunity Zone Project Moves Forward with Construction

AB Capstone’s mixed-use Bronx development is in construction, with anticipated summer 2022 completion. Developers secured incentives and Opportunity Zone equity financing. COVID-19 fails to slow progress.


How-to Achieve 100% Financing

Guidance for nonprofits considering purchasing property versus leasing property.



Taking Advantage of Financing Opportunities

How to leverage the right advisory team, economic development resources, and funding sources for your nonprofit or small business in 2020.


Navigating Financing Eligibility Hurdles

One NYC nonprofit’s journey through property acquisition and expansion, including placing tax-exempt bonds with commercial banks and securing a NYC issued capital grant.

Case Studies

Lower East Side Tenement Museum

NYC nonprofit museum acquires and expands property in phases using tax-exempt bonds and a NYC issued capital grant.

Case Studies

Boyce Technologies Pearson Place, LIC, Queens

Advanced manufacturing co. funds capital projects with incentives from NYC Industrial Dev. Agency, cash grants, and Empire State tax credits, as well as financing via SBA 504 program and commercial banks.


Financing to Repurpose Industrial Asset

Creative funding strategies enable LIC Queens Manufacturer Boyce Technologies to remain local and hire local—with a state-of-the-art, 100,000-sf, $35M expansion and consolidation under one roof.

Case Studies

York Studios “Michaelangelo Campus,” Soundview, Bronx

How a film and TV production company financed and obtained economic development assistance for a new 175,000 sf (phase 1) studio on a expansive 10-acre lot in Soundview neighborhood in Bronx.

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How to Get Your Organization Back on Track with Main Street

Learn how the Main Street Lending Programs can serve as funding sources for nonprofit organizations that were financially sound prior to COVID-19. Download our high-level summary of the terms for three MSLP credit facilities.


Fiscally Responsible Decision-Making during COVID-19

Guidance for nonprofits about fiscal planning that goes beyond pandemic response relief.


SBA 504 Refinancing Program

Learn about the SBA 504 Refinancing Program for small businesses: funding for operational and business expenses through restructuring your existing mortgage.


Municipal Capital Markets for Nonprofits FAQ

How municipal capital markets financing can make acquisition projects more attractive than leasing for nonprofits.


Main Street Lending Programs FAQ

Learn about the Federal Reserve’s Main Street Lending Programs as a funding source for operating expenses, available to nonprofits and businesses during the 2020 pandemic.

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