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Robert Altman, Esq.

Specialist, Tax Incentive Programs


Real estate attorney
Expertise real estate tax incentives
Authority, industrial/commercial abatement programs
Former counsel for the New York City Council

Career Highlights

Board Member, Queens and Bronx Building Assoc.
Board Member, Long Island City Partnership
NAACP Humanitarian of Year, Flushing Chapter

Robert provides critical insight into how financing, real estate transactions, and incentives are interconnected.

Real Estate Attorney

Robert’s private practice is almost entirely devoted to real estate transactions and financing—and related issues, including helping individuals to benefit from real estate tax incentives. He has represented buyers and sellers in the purchase of commercial properties in the millions of dollars. Similarly, he works with landlords and tenants with the leasing of their commercial properties.

Early in his career, Robert worked as a legislative attorney for the New York City Council, ultimately serving as a senior staff member. Prior to joining the law practice of Szold & Brandwen, PC, he worked as the Director of the Government Relations Department at Barton & Zasky, Esq.

Economic Growth Neighborhood by Neighborhood

In the area of economic development, Robert is recognized as one of the foremost experts on the Industrial & Commercial Abatement Program, which is New York City’s principal tax-incentive program.

Robert also served as the former counsel for the New York City Council, the lawmaking body responsible for monitoring the performance of NYC agencies, making land use decisions, and legislating on a variety of issues. As Lead Counsel for a number of committees, he focused on issues related to social welfare and supporting economic development in the city’s five boroughs. He assisted in the drafting of legislation related to economic development initiatives.

His time as a member of the Industrial & Commercial Incentive Program Boundary Commission (1992-1995) informed his work with the City Council. This experience also inspires his current efforts to strengthen the neighborhoods of New York by supporting local businesses and community organizations in their work.

Education & Certifications

BA, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
Graduate, School of Law, Fordham University, New York, NY

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