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Financial Advisory for Nonprofits, Industrial & Commercial Enterprises, Real Estate Developers

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Financial Advising

How much financing do I need? How much can I afford? What are my options?

Project Funding

How do I raise funding for my capital project?

Economic Development

What financial resources and incentives are available to me?

Independent Municipal Financial Advisors

THINKFORWARD FINANCIAL is a SEC registered, independent municipal financial advisory firm for nonprofits and mission-oriented small business enterprises. Your goals may include enhancing programming or expanding operations. We can help you achieve your potential by providing access to low-cost project funding sources and economic development incentive programs. And, if needed, members of our team are registered with a Broker Dealer to execute capital market transactions.

Track Record

Years Serving New Yorkers
Bonds, Loans, Tax Credits
Projects Financed
Market Sectors Served
Lower East Side Tenement Museum

$19.6M tax-exempt bond financing

“Financing the museum for long-term viability meant identifying cost-effective solutions.”

New York Stem Cell Foundation

$10M construction financing

“Together, we developed a financial plan to establish our new stem cell research facility and headquarters.”

Consortium for Worker Education

$9.7 Million Tax-Exempt Bond

“ThinkForward helped us make informed decisions, often providing us with side-by-side comparisons of various options.”

Manhattan Country School

$22M tax-exempt bond financing

“We were grateful to have ThinkForward by our side providing the excellent financial advice we've come to rely on.”

Boyce Technologies, Inc.

$17.5M bank and SBA financing

“ThinkForward expertly guided us through every stage of the project planning and execution.”

Our Network is Expansive

Lending Network

Financial Consultants

Government Agencies

Real Estate Consultants

Multiple Financing Tracks

30+ Banks
Bond Markets
Tax Credits & Incentives
Community Development Financing

Registrations & Certifications

FINRA Series 7, 50, 63

SEC Registered Municipal Financial Advisor

NYS/NYC MBE Certification

Community Development Finance Member

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