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We Can

We can offer you a broad range of public and private financing options through bond markets, conventional sources, and community development and industry-specific funding programs.

We Are

We are experienced bankers, real estate and capital market experts, and attorneys with expertise in capital project transactions. We've served as senior advisors to NYC/NY/NJ economic development agencies.

Why Does This Matter?

At the heart of every transaction exists a partnership between you and the ThinkForward team. Together, we can design and implement the optimal financial solution for your organization.

Meet Our Team

Founder, Principal, Managing Director

Sunil K. Aggarwal

Investment banker. Municipal financial advisor. Entrepreneur. A critical theme runs through Sunil’s accomplished career—the drive to leverage capital to fulfill unrealized potential.

Specialist, Tax Incentive Programs

Robert Altman, Esq., Consultant

Robert provides critical insight into how financing, real estate transactions, and incentives are interconnected.

Specialist, Capital Markets & Bonds

Gilbert Sandler

Counsel to builders, designers, and financial institutions, Gil is an expert in securitized and structured financing techniques for public and private projects.

Specialist, Quantitative & Credit Analysis

Gregory Nelson

Having worked for major Wall Street companies, Gregg has significant insight into overcoming the limitations of large investment banks.

Specialist in Economic Incentives

Lee Winter

Lee understands the many factors that affect commercial leasing and development. He believes economic incentives should fit your real estate strategy—and not the other way around.

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